About Us

If ever you were looking for a place to visit to learn as much as you can about interior design, or to catch up on the industry’s latest news, or to just read about the profession as a whole, then you have found it in Khodays.com. Here, you can learn a lot about interior design, about home décor, and about so many other life hacks. Here, you will get tip upon tip regarding these subjects and hopefully this will help you do better décor of your home or improve your interior design skills.

This is a field that is near and dear to us. This is a field that requires a creative eye and a love for the discipline, as much as patience. It is an art. And, like any other art, it requires a touch of genius. Every one of us artists possess that little bit of artistic genius that is required to pull this off, so you shouldn’t fret one bit.

So, take this as an invitation to the wonderful world of interior design and home décor.

We are dedicated to providing information and tips about modern design trends, techniques, apparel, etc. Design, like fashion, evolves with the times. It is easy for us artistic people and designers to get stuck in one time with our biasness towards our personal preferences. But the world keeps changing and we ought to change with it. If you are a professional interior designer, this evolution applies to you more than to those who do it for their own pleasure in their own homes.

Khodays.com is the place for you. We will keep you updated with the latest in design trends, the dos and don’ts of the industry, the many number of ways you can decorate your large house or your teeny tiny apartment, and many other things. Design is our passion and we are determined to make it yours.

Welcome to Khodays.com. Enjoy the site.